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About Us

The Startup Revolution™ began many years ago and shows no signs of slowing.  The economic down-turn of 2008 only strengthened the resolve of entrepreneurs to go out on their own and launch their new business startup.

After speaking with hundreds of new and seasoned entrepreneurs the founders of Startup Revolution™ discovered that the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs has been access to quality resources, experts and advisers.

Startup Revolution™ was conceived as an “exchange”.  A nexus where experienced entrepreneurs, investors and service providers could directly assist new startups, helping them avoid the pitfalls and the learning curve that they themselves once struggled through.

Startup Revolution™ has evolved since it’s original launch in early 2010 and will continually evolve. We have redeveloped our service with the first phase officially launched January 1st, 2013 and the second phase will launch in April 1st 2013.

Phase 1

  • Startup Business Directory
  • Startup Job Referrals
  • Startup Resource Referrals
  • Startup Book Recommendation
  • Startup Expert Referrals

 Phase 2

  • Startup Business Online Community

Here’s to you finding the resources and advisers and experts you need to make your startup a great success and be sure to become our fan at Facebook!

The Startup Revolution Team
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