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Are You Ready For The Business Revolution?

Get The One Badge That Will 10X Your Networking

Touchless exchange of information online or in-person. Tap or Scan Your Way To Business Networking Success.

Liquid Badge links the information that you want to share to a network connected NFC + QR Code badge that enables the direct download of your contact information to your new connections’ contacts.

Smart Badge Business Card Replacement from Liquid Badge

Get Involved!

We’re developing a network of local Revolutionaries! People that want to lead efforts to build a local thriving startup community right in their own backyard.

Get Interviewed!

We love startup stories. The who, what, when, where, how and most importantly the WHY!

All of our interviews start out with a simple questionnaire that we encourage you to fill out, sleep on it, then go back and do it again. The better your answers the more likely that we’ll setup an on camera interview!

The Time Is Right For You To Start Your Own Coaching Business!

  • Anybody can start an online coaching business today.
  • There are many people looking for online coaches that have the knowledge and experience to help them.
  • A lot of people try to do this, but they do not approach things in the right way.